About us

We are a group of highly motivated professional engineers with over 13 years of experience in the design, planification and implementation of irrigation systems.

Our implication in designing these systems goes beyond the specification of the materials that are part of an irrigation system. For each project, we are striving to always implement the right solutions that meet both the quality and performance requirements, as well as finding the most cost-efficient options.

Our activity is related to the creation of hundreds of significant irrigation projects in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. We are offering irrigation solutions for parks, sports fields, commercial spaces, gardens, green roofs and agricultural crops.

Our Values

We work to satisfy our client’s needs. We take pride in designing an irrigation system that offers the most optimal and customized solutions, based on our client’s available budget. Our top priorities are offering a high-performance irrigation system, easy to use and efficient in terms of water and electricity usage.

How we design an irrigation system

Because we value efficiency, when carrying out irrigation projects we take into account the following factors that can influence the quality of watering:

• Evapotranspiration (ET) - the irrigation system adapts to ensure watering performance for periods when there are extreme temperatures;
• Sun exposure - watering areas will be designed to have the same sun exposure;
• Soil quality;
• Hydrodynamic balancing of irrigation areas - the irrigation pumps systems will operate at maximum efficiency;
• Uniformity in water distribution;
• Capacity adaptation of the existing pump or resizing of a new pump adapted to the needs of the designed irrigation system;
• The use of special elements that ensure an optimal operation of the irrigation system - pressure regulators, sprinklers with drain check valve for slope, weather stations, flow sensors, wind sensors, humidity sensors - BUT only where needed.


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